Audio software needed

  Maiden. 22:32 15 Jan 08

I have a number of music tracks, some from CD's and others downloaded that I'd like to use as background music to some videos I'm putting together.

Problem is I've found the tracks are all at different volumes, so some appear loud whilst others are quiet.

Is there some software I can get (don't mind paying) where I can even out the volume of all my tracks before I put them in my video?

Hope this all makes sense.

Many thanks

  researcher 22:41 15 Jan 08

It really depends how and where you are making the video. Some (all???) video software packages have this facility.

Microsoft media player will do this (as an option)if you burn the tracks to a CD.

If you then put the tracks back into your PC they should all be the same level.

  MAJ 22:42 15 Jan 08

Use Audacity to 'Normalise' them. click here

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