281apple 09:01 22 Sep 07

Hi, I live in France and use Skype. When I call out of France (South American, USA, Candada, UK, and throughout Europe, I get excellent audio (voice) quality. When I call in France, the quality is from below average to unacceptable. I've asked Skype why and they refer me to the FAQ but the question is not on their FAQ. Any ideas? Could MSn or other be better?

  Technotiger 09:15 22 Sep 07

I use Skype a lot - UK. I doubt very much whether MSN or any other such would be any better where you are.

  281apple 10:52 22 Sep 07

Thanks. I kind of thought so. Do you have any vocie quality problems when you call locally in elsewhere in the UK?

  281apple 11:50 22 Sep 07

I'm sure you are right. But does that mean the France's serveurs, exchanges, etc. are worse that those of South and Central American countries such as Porto Rico, Colombia and Peru? I should think that the South American countries' internet and exchange facilitiƩs are not as good as in Europe and,in my case, in France.

  Technotiger 12:29 22 Sep 07

Sorry I did not come back to you earlier, I have been out.

I regular use Skype to talk to relatives and friends in Lanzarote, California, Zanzibar and of course UK.
99% of the time audio quality is great, like they were in the same room with me. Zanzibar gives some slight problem, the electricity supply there is not exactly reliable.

  Legolas 13:38 22 Sep 07

I used skype to keep in contact with friends in Canada I always used it in conjunction with a web cam, when viewing in full screen the audio quality was bad, we discovered that reducing the viewing area helped to make the sound better.

  281apple 17:24 22 Sep 07

For Marg7: No, I did not use Skype from different locations nor from different computers and my computer uses XP with ADSL.
For Technotiger: That's interesting what you said about Sanzibar's electricity supply is not exactly relieable.
For Legolas: Yes, I too discovered that reducing the viewing area helped to make the sound better most of the time.
NOW I SEE THAT I MADE A MISSTATEMENT, SORRY! In fact I said that I have this problem in France and that is inexact. I have this problem only in one region of France and the region is the Greater Nantes Area, which is about 450km slightly South West of the Paris area where I live. In the greater Paris area the audio works very well.
In reading your comments, (and especially about Sanzibar's electricity supply (thanks Technotiger because that put my thinking hat on right side up), I now feel that since I have the problem in the Nantes area, I could conclude that the problem is not with my equipment but with their being in that area.
Could you all agree with this even if we can't prove it?

  Technotiger 18:25 22 Sep 07

It is a strong possibility.

  281apple 17:09 23 Sep 07

Good thought but effectively I've already checked it out with two neighbrs living in the building where I live and it works.

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