Audio problem after new motherboard installation

  xania 05 May 13

I have just swapped out my old ASUS M3A78-CM for a new Gigabyte GA-970A-D3. And being a lazy B. have tried to get my old Windows 7 installation working rather than do a clean re-install. And it all works fine with a Radeon HD 6450 new graphics card giving a much clearer picture than previous. BUT... can I get the audio to work. I have uninstalled the Asus version and installed the GB version but it simply does not want to know. I do recall from many years ago that Audio can be awkward with interrupt conflicts, and I can hear a definite click through the earphones as Windows loads, but is there something else I need to delete from ASUS? I have tried both my back and front connectors and both display the same symptoms. Of course, can't even check microphone at this stage

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 05 May 13

Uninstall all audio drivers

Device manager - view - show hidden devices and uninstall all hidden devices as well

then run the registry cleaner in CCleaner.


then reinstall the audio drivers for the GB board.

  rdave13 05 May 13

Try this driver,

  rdave13 05 May 13
  xania 05 May 13

Fruit Bat /\0/\

I did exactly as you suggested and - lo and behold the audio sprung to live BEFORE I COULD RELAOD THE DRIVERS.



Thanks for your contribution, but turns out not to be necessary - at present.

Have a good Bank Holiday

  rdave13 05 May 13

Glad you're sorteed. Defaulted to Windows generic drivers I think. If you don't have stereo mix available for recording (if needed) then have another look at the link I gave.

"Good Bank holiday"... painting and decorating the house.. :(

  xania 05 May 13

Yes - nearly finished the bathroom now - just got to get a new roller blind then I can get back to my model railway.

Have a good one.


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