Audio drivers needed

  bob. 17 Dec 11

Anyone know where I can get the audio drivers for a Packard Bell I-media 1208 running XP home.

The drivers on the install disk do not work and a visit to the PB site brings up nothing. No look with google.

Thanks in advance.

  bob. 17 Dec 11

Even no luck with google.

  robin_x 17 Dec 11

Navigate Desktop and iMedia here for PTxxxx numbers.

Or click Old Link for older models.

They may not reference it as a 1208.

Try SIW Freeware download to see if you can find another model or look again on the label.

  rdave13 17 Dec 11

Go through Packard Bell's site, follow instructions for your model.

  bob. 17 Dec 11

thanks robinofloxley and rdave13.

Already done all that. It's on board sound, realteck '97. Even the the motherboard website hasn't got the drivers and the realteck one's will not work.

  rdave13 18 Dec 11

Could be that the on-board sound chip has died. I'd look for a sound card to fix the problem.

  robin_x 18 Dec 11

SIW will tell you exactly what Realtek you have. Check the Realtek website again. Maybe you got the wrong one.

Sorry I can't suggest anything more. Good Luck.

  bob. 18 Dec 11

Starting to think that rdave13 is right.

When realteck drivers installed there are no conflicts in device manager. When opening sound and audio devices in control panel it reports " no device ". Speakers are fine and work on a windows 7 and Mac.

Will close thrtead and order a pci audio card for it and report back if it gets going.


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