Audio Cable - Where to find?

  poogles_uk 13:50 13 Apr 04

Where can i find a cable that will go from the earphone socket of a radio to the line in port on a computer soundcard?

  118-118 Got Your Number 14:07 13 Apr 04

I assume that you are trying to record direct from the radio to your PC.

You need a very common cable that has a single 3.5mm stereo jack on either end.

Dixons/Maplin/PC World/Currys for around a fiver. Gold plated jacks may cost extra but the sound quality will be better because Gold is the only metal with the least resistance to electrical current.


  poogles_uk 14:14 13 Apr 04

No not recording radio, for an airband radio!! something different

This belkin one from pc world will do then ?click here

  mikeyb59 14:17 13 Apr 04

Cable will be suitable but a little expensive when compared to Maplins

  Stuartli 14:18 13 Apr 04

A fiver! I'd want more than gold plated jackplugs for that price for such a simple lead...:-)

I'll lay a penny to a pound that you wouldn't be able to tell any sound differences from normal jackplugs against gold plated ones with such equipment.

You appear to need a mini-jackplug (3.5mm) to mini-jackplug lead and if you pay more than a couple of pounds you are probably being handsomely ripped off.

  Stuartli 14:22 13 Apr 04

The Belkin offering is the same thing - 3.5mm to 3.5mm jackplugs.

Most portable audio units use such jackplugs/sockets and most people use miniature headphones with them.

  poogles_uk 17:33 13 Apr 04

What do i want from Maplins? Link would be appreciated

  poogles_uk 17:33 13 Apr 04

Would click here do the job?

  poogles_uk 17:34 13 Apr 04

I dont want it for the headphones its to connect it too my PC

  Stuartli 11:05 14 Apr 04

I know that...:-))

I was merely pointing out that 3.5mm jackplugs are almost universally used in these type of audio products, most notably as far as most people are concerned, fitted on their headphones to be inserted into the earphone socket you mention.

You won't be able to use a 3.5mm to 3.5mm jackplugs lead with headphones - it's to link a line out (i.e. earphone/headphone socket)to a line in socket which is, presumably, what you require.

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