Audio books from PC to MP3 Player

  Border View 08 Jan 12

I take delivery of a new SanDisc Clip Zip MP3 player tomorrow. I've been looking at the download sites for audio books and have settled on Audible (an Amazon company).

My question is will I be able to download audio books to my PC and then transfer them to my new MP3 player or will I have to download them direct to the MP3 player.

  Aitchbee 08 Jan 12

I think you will be able to do that without any problems.

Your mp3 player will be 'seen' as a storage device by your computer if you are using XP or more recent versions of Windows. I am assuming you will have a connecting cable to plug into a USB socket on your PC.

  Border View 08 Jan 12

AitchBEE many thanks for responding. I had assumed it would come with the USB cable. If not I have spares. I didn't know if copyright would come into the equation copying from one device to another.

  Aitchbee 08 Jan 12

Borderview - I haven't used Audible, so I don't know about any copyright issues.

Personally speaking, I have converted some of my audio discs and tapes (audiobooks), which I have bought, into mp3 files,using my computer, and transferred them to my mp3 player without any legal issues.I think it's ok , as long as it's only for your own personal use.

Other members of this forum might be able to give you more helpful information regarding 'Audible' usage.

  ton 09 Jan 12
  Border View 01 Feb 12

Just to let you all know that when you buy audio books from Audible they first download Audible Manager. This enables you to transfer you books to your MP3 player with no problems.

Wonderful piece of kit and outstanding website.

Thanks everyone.

  Border View 01 Feb 12

Tried to tick the tick to make it green but it doesnt seem to want to.


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