Audacity (LP to CD)

  driving man 17:16 15 Oct 06

I have all the right connections but will the basic free audacity software allow me to transfer LP to CD and insert track breaks
PS Can play LP's through the PC but after that am bamboozled

  Diemmess 17:34 15 Oct 06

The freebie Audacity will control the recording of say an LP to your hard disk.

Once saved initially as a "Project" it can be replayed, stopped, paused, edited to length of track breaks andcut and pasted from one file to another.

When you are happy with the result it can be exported as one of a recognised variety of files to say a folder on the HD and then a CD can be burned directly from that folder.

From personal experience the program may crash if you don't make regular saves while in the editing stage of your "project"

  Simsy 20:32 15 Oct 06

Audacity to actually burn the CD...

You use Audacity to record from LP, (or any other audio format, eg casette), and then save the tracks as .wav files...

Then you need to use CD burning software to make the CD.

Does that answer your question?



  driving man 16:48 16 Oct 06

Thank you to Diemmess and Simsy

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