Attempted Intrusion "Klez_Propagation" against you

  snowman 22:21 10 Nov 03

Can anybody help with this constant problem. Evertime i log onto ntl e-mail norton firewall & antivrus stop the virus but lock out the e-mail for 30 minutes. Is it an attack?

  smegs 22:49 10 Nov 03

click here looks like some kind of worm.

  smegs 22:51 10 Nov 03

click here go here and type in "Klez_Propagation".

  snowman 23:12 10 Nov 03
  cycoze 01:17 11 Nov 03

The NTL server is sending your emails to your inbox , Norton is picking up a virus and stopping it , simply go the the NTL site and access your webmail account , look for emails likely to contain a virus , attachments or from unknown sources etc , and delete them.

Once cleared you can log out and download the rest using Outlook.

The info you supplied above , is a simple query from Norton to Ripe , to find out where the mail is coming from , in this case NTL, if you would like to try it your self go here click here and type in , hit the search button and you will get all the details.

Nothing sinister going on , other than you have infected emails waiting for you on the NTL mail server.

  snowman 12:35 11 Nov 03

Thanks cycoze that information is helpful. I will try that

  wizkidwall_03 12:58 11 Nov 03

[email protected] worm family propagating across the network via SMTP and NetBios shares

  snowman 20:21 11 Nov 03

Thanks cycoze that did sort it.

I expected the mail to be removed from the NTL server when outlook downloads it to my computer. It did not do that and everytime send/ recieve was used the mail containing the virus was continually being downloaded without being removed from the server.
Deleting the mail using webmail resolved the problem. Although it is resolved it would be interesting to know why this was happening

  cycoze 21:40 11 Nov 03

If your using Norton Internet Security , it will probably be the Auto Block facility .

Qoute > When Norton Internet Security detects an attack, it automatically blocks the connection to ensure that your computer is safe. The program can also activate AutoBlock, which automatically blocks all incoming communication from the attacking computer for a set period of time, even if the incoming communication does not match an attack signature.

AutoBlock stops all inbound communications with the attacking computer for 30 minutes.

To enable or disable AutoBlock
Open Norton Internet Security.
In the Security Center, double-click Intrusion Detection.
In the Intrusion Detection window, check or uncheck Turn on AutoBlock. < UnQoute.

Have a read Through your Norton`s manual and or Help .

  cycoze 21:53 11 Nov 03

After reading again "Have a read Through your Norton`s manual and or Help" < sounds a bit Bolshy , was`nt meant to be , you may find a more suitable configuration.

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