Attachments in Outlook Express

  dabthoms 10:32 01 Dec 05

In Outlook Express when I attach pictures to an email, the person, myself included, receives the email with the pictures in the body of the email. I want them just as an attachment that you would click on to open. Is there a setting I can do to accomplish this?

  Carpigiani 10:43 01 Dec 05

Open Outlook Express, go to Tool/Options/ click on the Send tab, click 'HTML Settings', remove the tick beside 'Send pictures with messages'

  Carbonara 10:46 01 Dec 05
  dabthoms 11:00 01 Dec 05

Sorry Carbonara, the picture still shows in the body of the email, so that's not the answer.

  David4637 17:01 01 Dec 05

Its a common prob with OE. I tried all manner of things including the ones above to NO avail. The only way would be to ZIP them. If anyone has another solution please reply. Thanks David

  dabthoms 17:53 01 Dec 05

Having tried unticking in HTML Settings 'send pictures with messages' as well as umpteen other things, I've been given this to try, which apparently "works", but not for everyone!

Inserting attached images in the body of OE email is supposedly for our convenience. I've been told that to override this to run regedit.exe and find a key like:-

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Identities\{GUID}\Software\Microsoft\Outlook Express\6.0
where {GUID} is a unique alpha-numerical string corresponding to your identity.

Setting the DWORD value for "Automatically Inline Images" to 0, and to create it if it is not there.

  David4637 12:51 02 Dec 05

Thanks very much for your try out solution. Will try it and report back? David

  David4637 14:40 03 Dec 05

Your registry revision did not work on XP SP2.

  dabthoms 17:17 03 Dec 05

Ah! Well, David, as I said, it 'works', "but not for everyone". I think I'll consider this dilemma solved for now while continuing the search for this, the holy grail of OE. So it's tick in the box time!

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