Attachments in OE Emails Will Not Open

  Goldcroft 11:17 16 Feb 03

Suddenly, this morning, I cannot open any attachments. I click on the paper clip but the drop down little menu containing the attachment file is greyed out and will not respond to further clicking. They were working yesterday and I haven't done anything to the OE settings.

  Goldcroft 12:27 16 Feb 03

Have just noticed a later posting from someone whose attachments would not open with the same message as I am getting "OE has refused to open these unsafe attachemnts" or similar. Some of the attachments are days old and have been opened many times.

The advice given the later post was to access tools/security and uncheck attachments box. This i am loathe to do for security reasons. Any ideas anyone?

  jazzypop 12:38 16 Feb 03

Try selecting the message, and choose 'Forward'. The attachment should then be available to save / open as required.

  leedaz 12:39 16 Feb 03

Goldcroft as long as your email is virus checked on receipt, I would follow the advice. The same thing happened to me a while ago and I took tick from box, and all was fine. As for the reason it has happened, I don't know.I use Win 2000 Pro so could be OS prob. you don't mention your OS.
I would run full virus scan first.

  leedaz 12:42 16 Feb 03

An alternative would be to remove tick from box then save attatchment to disk and scan from there.

  helcat 16:13 16 Feb 03

I too have had this problem today. Also I have had three emails bounced back to me as undeliverable. Sounds like there is a problem with OS.

  helcat 16:18 16 Feb 03

Woops!!! Sorry should have said OE

  Goldcroft 20:02 16 Feb 03

Thanks everybody. It could be an OE problem as a few people have had problems. I will untick the box under security and also try the forwarding idea. I'll report back if nothing works. Thanks again.

  Goldcroft 20:08 16 Feb 03

Have unchecked the box and I can now open all attachments. I remain concerned that I have disabled a function that does not "allow attachments to be saved or opened and that could potentially be a virus." And why has it suddenly happend today even with old attachments?

  VoG™ 20:16 16 Feb 03

Have you installed an update/ service pack ?

  Goldcroft 20:27 16 Feb 03

VoG: No. How do I do this?

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