123joey123 14:21 29 Aug 06

I have installed Broadband for the first time but now I cannot e-mail attachments from word. It wamts outlook. Any ideas,please?

  ade.h 14:48 29 Aug 06

I attempted to check one angle on this, but click here for what happened! So I would suggest either trying those settings that I mentioned in my thread or check that Outlook Express is set as your default mail client. Although I suspect that it already is, because these things are rarely that simple!

Failing those options; you could try repairing the Office installation from the CDs.

  123joey123 14:57 29 Aug 06

It is a new installation so it's not Word.
Word seems to want dial up and cannot recognise Broadband. I get the Outlook box but there is no 'Send' on it.Thanks for advice

  ade.h 15:04 29 Aug 06

You can stop the dial-up attempts by sorting out your settings on the Connection tab of Internet Options; choose "never dial a connection".

I'm not sur what you mean by "It is a new installation so it's not Word." Even a new installation of software or operating system can have faults/errors.

  123joey123 15:59 29 Aug 06

I've got'never dial a connection.'
What I meant about Word was, I had a computer failure last week so reinstalled XP. I lost all my programmes and had two Word programmes. One Teachers and one,Pro. I've put both in and get the same result.
Thanks for answering,anyway

  123joey123 16:32 29 Aug 06

I seem to have sorted it. Not sure how but it works.
Thanks for replying

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