Attaching a monitor to a laptop

  NotVeryTechie 12:12 27 Feb 08

If I want to get a nice big freestanding monitor and want to connect this to my laptop - can I do this, is it difficult, how do I install the graphics card?? Is it impossible without a docking station?

Hope you can help.

  ambra4 12:51 27 Feb 08

It very easy, you don’t need to install a graphics card it already builds in to all laptop look

for a blue VGA connector that is the external monitor connection

Connect the monitor to the blue connector and using the “FN” key (Function) and the

“CRT/LCD” key look at the top of keyboard “F” keys

Hold down the FN key and press the CRT/LCD key once

Display will change as follows

Press once laptop display only

Press again external display only

Press again both laptop and external display

You must hold down the FN key each time you press the CRT/LCD key

Depending in the size of the monitor you will have to adjust the screen resolution

right click on windows desktop-properties-setting

  isca2 12:53 27 Feb 08

Yes no problem. Just attache the video cable from laptop to monitor. I am doing this on my old Win 2000 laptop whilst my main desktop is away for repait. I just connected the two by vga cable and that's it.

  NotVeryTechie 13:24 27 Feb 08

Thanks guys!!

Does it make a difference what monitor it is? I always understood that you need to install a new graphics card if you are attaching a new monitor, but maybe I have completely misunderstood this!

Thanks again, great answers.

  ambra4 14:10 27 Feb 08

No it does not matter just check that the build in display card can handle the screen size resolution

A 19" widescreen monitor require a 1440X900 screen resolution

A 22" widescreen monitor require a 1680 x 1050 resolution

Using a normal 19-22 screen the standard display resolution will work

  NotVeryTechie 14:48 27 Feb 08

Thank you!!

  Pineman100 18:59 02 Mar 08

I hope you don't mind if I add a question for ambra4 to your useful thread.

How do you achieve the same thing if your separate monitor is not VGA, but a new USB flat panel job?

  isca2 21:52 02 Mar 08

Even if it is a flat panel, it will still take either VGA or DVI connection. It is not connected to the graphics card by USB unless I am missing something ! Flat panels may still have a VGA connection.

  ambra4 23:12 02 Mar 08


Take a read here on the on the Samsung USB flat panel monitor

click here

  ambra4 23:24 02 Mar 08

Also take a read on this site

click here

  NotVeryTechie 10:51 03 Mar 08

I have a further question - the range of laptops I am looking at all have GMA X3100 or an ATI Mobile Radeon X1200. I have read the benchmarks and reviews on these cards and they apparently can't handle things like strategy games. Would they be able to handle a big screen? Is it true that these cards can't handle much graphic work and games? I don't mean the latest games, rather older strategy games like Caesar 3 or 4??

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