Attaching IDE devices

  rioboy 20:16 06 Jul 04

Is there a right or wrong way when attaching IDE devices?

At the moment I have my hard drive as primary master, nothing on primary slave, DVD Writer on secondary master and a CD Writer on secondary slave.

  the kopite 20:19 06 Jul 04

Kopite it looks ok but if you put your cdrw as secondary master it will read and write faster

  rioboy 20:23 06 Jul 04

Cheers kopite, that's why I was asking actually. The CDRW does seem a little slow.

  Dorsai 20:54 06 Jul 04

But remember the following.

when two devices are connected on the same IDE cable the slowest one normally drags the speed the faster one runs at down to the lower speed.

So if you have a ATA100 HDD and an ATA66 DVD-Writer, if you put them both on the primamry cabel, your nice fast ATA100 HDD will only run at third off it's max possible speed.

This is because the connection can only run at one speed, so has to run at a speed both devices support. Which is always (normally) the lower speed.

Of course if the DVD and HDD both run at the same speed no probs.

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