Ati On Screen warning

  heavymetalkid 00:59 17 Mar 06

Two or three times over the past couple of months, when I boot up I get the following on-screen warning...."ATI External Event Utility EXE Module has encountered a problem and needs to close" I'm invited to notify Microsoft, I do that and close the window. It doesn't seem to affect my computer at all.Can anyone tell me what this is?

  baldtaco 07:47 17 Mar 06
  keef66 10:14 17 Mar 06

From that link it appears to be part of the drivers for an ATI graphics card. Presumably you do have an ATI card?
You may be able to sort it out by installing the latest drivers for your graphics card. Visit click here.

  heavymetalkid 11:33 17 Mar 06

Morning both and thanks for the feedback. Before I install anything (always reluctant) I did send the error report to Microsoft. Shortly after, as I was turning off, I had an on screen message informing me that two updates would be installed as I closed down. I did this as instructed. Could it be that these updates were sent to fix the problem?

  keef66 12:32 17 Mar 06

I doubt it. Microsoft occasionally send a message about the possible cause of something you've reported to them, but I have never had an update as a result of an error report.

All my updates arrive courtesy of Windows automatic updates. Do you have this switched on?

  heavymetalkid 14:37 17 Mar 06

Greetings Keef, yes updates on. Would your advice be perhaps, to wait and see?

  baldtaco 18:11 17 Mar 06

Use this to dump what you have: click here

New drivers here: click here

  heavymetalkid 01:11 18 Mar 06

Greetings baltaco and many thanks for the post. I've now gone 24 hours without the ATI warning reappearing, would you think I should wait and see if it comes back? Also, I'm far from an expert, so is there any chance that,with my limited knowledge I can do some damage to my machine?

  keef66 21:26 18 Mar 06

OK, wait and see. But if it reappears I'd do as baldtaco suggests; remove the old drivers and install the latest ones.

You can't break anything by doing it, and if you have XP you can always roll back the drivers if there's a problem.

  heavymetalkid 00:16 19 Mar 06

Ok, thanks everyone, very helpful. I'll wait and see and if it reappears I'll use baldtaco's drivers.

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