ATI Radeon Graphics Card 9600 256Mb

  Andover 20:12 09 Oct 04

I have a brand new Evesham machine with an ati card which they have replaced because I kept getting the 'VPU recover' message and then a 'Vpu Recover was unable to fully recover from a hardware deadlock, and has switched to software rendering. The new card does exactly the same. The machine is out of the box AMD Athlon 64 3200 HT 1Gb ram,200gb sata. Nothing extra loaded - it bombs out during word / outlook etc. It won't run Colin Mcrae 2005, Far Cry - any ideas before I speak to Evesham again.

  rdave13 20:45 09 Oct 04

Take it back and ask for full refund.

  rdave13 20:46 09 Oct 04

and the evesham machine!

  rdave13 20:49 09 Oct 04

There again just keep the graphics card, it's a good one.

  Andover 13:38 10 Oct 04

Thanks - strange thing is I've put an old ATI 32mb card in and it works fine (obviously with some limitations).

  skeletal 14:15 10 Oct 04

It depends on how much you want to "play" with a faulty system which should be sorted out by Evesham. However, you could try:
one of the earlier ATI cat drivers;
lowering hardware acceleration;
depending on which ATI software you have (i.e. the notorious cat control centre available with the latest drivers), changing the many settings available to try to find a combination that works.

I'd be careful doing any of this without being guided by Evesham. When I've spoken to the tech guys (a long time ago admittedly) they were very helpful and by following what they say (which could include the above) it may point them to the real, possibly unexpected, problem e.g. a faulty motherboard, which you may not find so easily yourself.


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