ATI new drivers etc

  Ancient Learner 20:14 03 May 07

Am I right in thinking that I should first of all uninstall the old drivers etc, using the 'Add Remove programs' before I update them.

It is so long since that I did this, my memory could be faulty.

  SANTOS7 20:35 03 May 07

Wouldn't have thought so, if you are updating drivers the core will already be there, if you are changing a component that requires diferent dirvers then yes, to avoid software conflict.....

  Ancient Learner 23:39 03 May 07

Well, I tried it without uninstalling the old stuff. Finished up in a mess, and couldn't get the resolution at all right with the new stuff.

I do have Acronis T.I. so I have just finished a 2 hour install of 'c' drive from a very recent image. Now all is calm again.

I'll try doing the uninstall way tomorrow.
I think I have a special ATI uninstaller somewhere too - my memory takes some time to get working these days - I remember, now, having the devil of a problem the last time I tried this.

  ashdav 00:13 04 May 07

Strongly recommend you uninstall all old drivers before you here
Read carefully and follow to the letter.
When you upgrade the Omega drivers work well.

  woodchip 00:17 04 May 07

You can update the drivers in Device Manager without removing the old ones

  ashdav 00:41 04 May 07

Sorry but your wrong.
Things have moved on since windows 98.

  ashdav 00:42 04 May 07

meant you're wrong

  celticdragon 00:58 04 May 07

I'm with woodchip, I'm running Vista and my drivers update successfully by using "update driver" in Device manager. This is without manually uninstalling the old driver first. Works with my graphics drivers anyway.

  ashdav 01:32 04 May 07

Ancient Learner isn't using Vista.
If things work for you then great whoopdydo.
When replying to requests in this forum one has to take into account that every computer installation is different.
This means that any recommendations have to take a default/back to basics approach to remove any quirks
that may arise from a unique installation.
Otherwise there will be repeat postings about niggles that cannot be resolved without sitting in front of the computer concerned.
The drivers you update through Windows are generic and usually not the best.

  Probabilitydrive 01:48 04 May 07

I tried today installing the latest ATI drivers and indeed ended up using Ghost to recover from instability issues.
A proper and detailed procedure as outlined in ashdav's link would have saved me time and effort.
I will try tomorrow installing the latest Catalyst centre, following a detailed sequence.

  Mike D 07:43 04 May 07

ATI's own website recommends uninstalling previous drivers. A useful tip that I picked up from a driver forum is that the Catalyst drivers seem to be faster if you download the drivers and the Catalyst Control Centre seperately and install the drivers first, following after bootup by the CCC.


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