ati hd2600 xt

  Peachy boy 17:13 08 Jul 07

Hi i was thinking of getting a new ati hd2600xt but to things stopped me 1 wasnt sure if it would fit in my uatx case and motherboard and 2 wasnt sure if it would be able to handle games at 1024x768 at good detalie levels


  umbongo(uk) 17:40 08 Jul 07

easily handle said resolution its on par with a 8600gt give or take a few fps

as for size you dont state what case you have (just saying uatx means nothing is it a square shuttle box, slimline ,desktop also you dont say you have pci-e slot but i hazard a guess this is what you have) check out the ati website or manufacturers for card size then get a tape measure out

link to a review keep clicking next at bottom for benchmarks
click here

  Peachy boy 18:45 08 Jul 07

thanks sorry i didnt think its a desktop

  umbongo(uk) 18:26 09 Jul 07

peachy any chance you know the name of the case
then i can go look at it and find the dimensions
then advise you better

  Peachy boy 22:51 11 Jul 07

not sure the name off the case but its a packard bell imedia 1503 (so it says on the back)
that might possibly be the name alto uatx chassis
sorry I'm not much help

  umbongo(uk) 00:33 12 Jul 07

peachy it says you only have pci not pcie so that rule,s out the ati 2600xt card
please check this link to see and make sure it is your system
click here

also check this page out to see tht your motherboard is the same ,
click here

place mouse over the picture of the motherboard and it will show you the available pci slots on your board

you system would have taken an ordinary card but it dosent support the card interface you were asking about nor will it support an agp card

  umbongo(uk) 00:34 12 Jul 07

anything else just ask away

  Peachy boy 21:32 12 Jul 07

sorry forgot to mention that i have a new board with pci express slot

  Peachy boy 21:56 15 Jul 07

sorry forgot to mention that i have a new board with pci express slot and i still have the same case

  citadel 22:53 15 Jul 07

hd2600xt is 9" long so you will have to measure inside of your case to see if it will fit.

  User-312386 00:04 16 Jul 07

As i remember it UATX is another name for micro-ATX

So if you have a small form factor case then no you cant put it in, or get a new case that supports EATX (extended ATX) as some ATX cases wont fit that card either

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