ATI graphics cards, HDMI and DVI simultaneously.

  Laser157 13:35 09 Dec 10

I currently have an ASUS mobo with HD 4200 on board graphics. This meets all my needs as I'm not a game player.

I use the DVI port for my main monitor, the AVG for a subsidiary one and the HDMI connected to a remote TV.

However I have to disconnect the HDMI lead in order to use the DVI and I would like to avoid this.

Would a PCI-e card enable me to leave the HDMI connected and for the TV and DVI to be used simultaneously? I'm intending to stick with Radeon to avoid two gfx drivers. I think if I install a card the on board video has to be switched off.

  Laser157 13:39 09 Dec 10

Oh dear, a typo - I meant VGA not AVG!

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