ATI Catalyst Drivers.

  Sketch 21:30 11 Jun 03

In order to install new Catalyst drivers do you first have to uninstall the previous ones? And if they simply install over the previous ones, how do you revert to the originals if necessary?

Thanks for listening.


  bda72 21:37 11 Jun 03

Check here click here the answers in there great site for ATI cards.

  hugh-265156 22:09 11 Jun 03

first of all click here and download the latest driver and control panel,3.4 is the latest.

next remove the ati control panel via add remove programs first(but do not reboot)

next remove the driver via add remove programs and restart.

windows will now detect the card and promp you to install the driver.

click cancel twice(it will detect primary and secondary)

then install the driver you downloaded first

restart and install the control panel and restart again and your done.

  Sketch 14:18 12 Jun 03


What do you mean 'control panel'? I have a 'Gigabyte Maya2 Radeon 9700 Pro' and installed the drivers that came with the card. The only thing I have in 'Add/Remove' is the 'ATI Display Drivers'.

Which is what the manual told me to install.....


  Sketch 20:12 13 Jun 03


  hugh-265156 20:21 13 Jun 03

if you download the drivers from ati then the controlpanel and driver are seperate downloads.

to look at your controlpanel click


you should have tabs for direct 3d,opengl,smartgart etc.

if you get the driver from gigabyte then the driver and controlpanel is probally included as one download.

both atis powered by and built by drivers will work with your card,just select partner products.

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