ATI 9800 Pro Replacement

  kwertyuk 20:09 24 Jul 06

I've had a Sapphire 9800 Atlantis Pro (128MB, 256bit) for about 16 months, which has been good enough. For some reason the card is now faulty and frequently crashes the PC and it restarts.

I need a replacement AGP GPU that will cover most Games and video editing software and basically be a modern equivilent of the 9800. Cost of around £100, maybe up to £150.

Any suggestions?

  woodchip 20:12 24 Jul 06

It may be the fan if one fitted on the card not cooling it sufficient. can you fit a new fan?

  kwertyuk 20:16 24 Jul 06

:) I guess it could be that, but tbh i havn't ever fixed up my owns fans, etc, so I wouldn't know how probably.

But Sapphire is a good make right? So they would have put a good enough fan on the card wouldnt they?

  aca 20:20 24 Jul 06

I would be tempted to try out the card in a different PC, also set PC not to restart when it crashes so that you can get error code.

Might save a few quid by sussing out if there is an alternative cause for problems

  woodchip 20:22 24 Jul 06

Don't forget. It may not be the Card. It may be the hot wether we are having along with gaming. That is trying to fry your CPU

  kwertyuk 00:02 25 Jul 06

So if it is the card overheating, should i replace the card's fan or the PC's fans or what?

And how do i do this?

  woodchip 10:33 25 Jul 06

If it's the Card and you are not into diy replace the card but you need to find out if your computer Temps are too high. One way to check this is, Take the side of your computer and run a desktop fan blowing into it, or a hair drier on cool air. Use you computer as above to see how it goes

  Giggle n' Bits 12:20 25 Jul 06

or software problem than a graphics card becoming damaged. Damaging a AGP card would have to be a overheat totally dead or pyshical damage.

update your Radeon Drivers, Check your DirectX v9c

Chipset Drivers, run Disk clean-up or a reg cleaner

Optimise your pc, disk defrag HDD

All these things can be free and cheaper than folking out on a new AGP unless you want a upgrade to a higher spec card for say £85+

  Giggle n' Bits 12:22 25 Jul 06

not the windows update offer of drivers as they do not upgrade the ATI Software just the driver

Got to here click here

  kwertyuk 17:42 25 Jul 06

ive tried putting desktop fans next to the PC with the case open - no better though.

To what Big Byte said - i doubt the card is physiccally damaged and after trying to cool the PC with extra fans (this not working) I doubt it is overheating.

Could it really be the software? because i havnt upgraded the ATI drivers / catalyst center in months and its only had problems in the last month or 2.

  woodchip 18:25 25 Jul 06

Have you got up to date AV as your comp may have caught the flu

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