Athlon XP2400+ and ECS Motherboard

  crumbdias 21:00 29 Aug 03

I have a K7S5A v3.1 motherboard which I have updated the BIOS on (29/10/02 i think) to accomidate the Athlon processor (2000 mhz). The problem is when playing games like FIFA 2003 it freezes not long into playing. If I change the bios and ask it to set best performance the processor is shown as a XP1800+ (1499 mhz) and my games run fine. Can anyone help???????????

  xania 21:22 29 Aug 03

What is the actual model of your processor? Is it an XP1800+?

  crumbdias 21:30 29 Aug 03

No it is a XP2400+

  Djohn 21:59 29 Aug 03

Crossed referenced both sites for you and AMD click here^7923,00.html recommend 1800+ 266FSB model 6. ECS site, click here state you have the latest flash for your board, but don't give details in there release regarding increase of speed. j.

  crumbdias 22:09 29 Aug 03

I noticed an earlier flash stated it had upgraded to allow Xp2400+ and Xp2600+. Should I have taken this option instead of the latest update?????

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