Athlon XP PR2800+ Barton

  poogles_uk 19:41 18 Apr 04

How come in 'cpuinfo.exe' from the athlon site says the cpu is anywhere between 2065 and 2071mhzm 'amdcpuid.exe' also from the amd site says it is anything between 2070-2075mhz, and MBM says it is between 2040 and 2080mhz, shouldn't they all say 2083mhz? How much improvement in preformance should there be from my old 1.2ghz? As i can see a slight improvement in preformance but nothing major.Apart from in Flight sim 2002 there isn't as much of a drop in preformance when flying somewhere with loads of AI traffic. But CPUClock which seems to give an up to date current speed says the speed is 2082.3mhz. Which is correct, or is this really just small variation that all cpu's have?

However it does run about 9-10C cooler than my 1.2ghz did. Shouldn't there be quite an improvement? As all i have found is a FPS or 2 in most games. But on the 3D Mark 03 Scores it gets about 35 points more. In Sisoftwares 'Sandra 2004 SP1' my 2800+ gets 20 points less on the Whetston FPU MFLOPS and 95 points less on the Dhryston ALU MIPS. And on the Multimedia benchmarks it has 34 more points on the Floating-Point aSSE (it/s) and 44 points less on the Integer AEMMX/aSSE (it/s). Shouldn't they all be the same? (i mean mine and the reference on Sandra).

  stalion 20:14 18 Apr 04


  poogles_uk 08:48 19 Apr 04


Another example - I have a demo for a game called far cry, it needs a 2ghz processor, on my old 1.2ghz it was jumpy, and it is the same with the new processor, even though it is supposed to be the same as a 2.8ghz Intel, it is still jumpy if not worse than me old processor.

But on the PC Pit stop test the processor get a lot higher score than the old one did.

what graphics card have you got ?

  poogles_uk 09:32 19 Apr 04

Geforce 4 Ti4200 AGP8 128mb Ram,

I was told before my graphics were fine and that my CPU was letting me down!!!

  poogles_uk 09:43 19 Apr 04


  poogles_uk 09:43 19 Apr 04

that is my cpu was letting em down(my old one)

  poogles_uk 10:32 19 Apr 04

Any ideas from anyone?

  poogles_uk 10:34 19 Apr 04

The computer seems more stable.

N.B for anyone who was involved in my win XP boot up speed up a while ago. Installing a replacement psu and the new cpu has solved the problem, it boots without the period of inactivity on the win xp loading screen.

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