Athlon XP CPU

  professor 17:43 15 Feb 03

hey all its me

i recently saw that the Athlon CPU has different "versions" there is a palomino Thoroughbread "A" and Thoroughbread "B" along with the latest Barton. What i would like to know is is there anyway i can tell what "version" ive got and how could i tell if my M\B would accept a Thoroughbread "B" or is it me getting concerned about a compatability issue that doesnt exist??

to see what i mean have a look at

  powerless 17:47 15 Feb 03

Who is the manufacturer of your motherboard?

Go to there website and that should tell you.

  Spook Tooth 18:04 15 Feb 03

click here

That's the answer - just the difference in FSB, with T'bred B offering consumers WITH Via KT333, Nforce 2 etc, the ability run the CPU at 333MHz FSB as opposed to usual 266MHz, for T'bred A cores, Palamino, and T'bird.

Now, kid Barton is on the block, and Tom's says it will require users to have a corresponding chipset able to support the higher FSB, since it won't run (with or without a BIOS upgrade) for motherboards sporting a slower chipset, FSB 266MHz variety. (Unlike the Thoroughbreds, there's no A or B cores as yet and won;t likely be.)

  Spook Tooth 18:08 15 Feb 03

Short answer - you will need CHIPSET that supports 333MHz FSB for T'bred B type.

If you've not got something like an ASUS A7V333 or later, and your FSB is restricted to 266MHz, then T'bred Bs won't be an option for that board.

  professor 21:20 15 Feb 03


my fsb can do 333mhz thats all i needed 2 know as for barton i know its on the block i just thought id mention it as it seems pretty impressive!!


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