athlon vs pentium

  reddwarfcrew 11:23 03 Jul 04

Can anyone point me in the direction of a decent website that shows the performance of the above for comparison purposes.

For example, how fast (in ghz) would an Athlon XP3000 actually be?

  GrahamP 13:53 03 Jul 04

Here is AMD's own comparison commissoned from Price Waterhouse.

click here

Here is their page detailing raw GHz

click here(1224)

Raw GHz is not a good comparison when comparing different technology eg AMD & Intel (or for that matter different Intel technologies)

  GrahamP 13:57 03 Jul 04

Oops, try click here for that second one.

  Totally-braindead 14:04 03 Jul 04

As GrahamP has said gigahertz is not the be all and end all. AMD have got a bit of stick from Intel about their processor speeds but the thing is its true the 2400+ Athlon does run at the equivalent of the Intel 2.4ghz.

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