athlon upgrade and ram

  spartan 13:18 11 Jan 03
  spartan 13:18 11 Jan 03

Hi could anyone tell me if I can upgrade my evesham pc with more ram and upgrade the processor and if ther are any benefits to be had .ram at present 512 athlon xp 1900.thank you

  Elrond 13:20 11 Jan 03

Firstly do you need to upgrade the procesor for a reason? Secondly I think the people here may need a few more details about the PC spec to answer the question

  spartan 13:26 11 Jan 03

hi elrond thanks for answering excuse my ignorance verry new to this sort of thing . what sort of info do you need and I will post all info back . thanks

  powerless 13:32 11 Jan 03

The motherboard would be the best bit of info you could give us...

Check your documentation if not click here and downlaod the lil utility and it will tell you the motherboard.

  SDJ 13:34 11 Jan 03

Your machine seems pretty up to spec from what I can see.
Dont bother upgrading just for the sake of it, does the machine do what you want it to do?

Im sure there are plenty of people who use this forum who have a machine that isnt half as powerful as yours, me included.

I you have Christmas money to burn why dont you think about peripherals.

  spartan 14:08 11 Jan 03

thanks for the link powerless, I have used the link loads of info now is there a way to post it without typing it all out

  spartan 14:30 11 Jan 03

herew is the specs of motherboard
asustek a7v266-e rev 1.xx bus clock 133mgh

  SDJ 14:34 11 Jan 03

Again, why do you need to upgrade mate?

  Elrond 14:36 11 Jan 03

This shud tell you wot you need to know

click here

  Pilch.... 15:00 11 Jan 03

if you want faster computer, upgrade of the graphics card?

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