Athlon 2600+

  dolphinaber 17:35 22 Jan 04

Can anybody please tell me although I have a Athlon 2600+ it only shows 2.09 in System Properties.

  961 17:38 22 Jan 04

That probably is the correct actual speed for 2600XP Athlons

  ardvarc 17:44 22 Jan 04

I think that is the speed for the XP2600+ Thornton chip with a L2 256Kb cache. Thoroughbred 2600 is slightly faster with the same cache and the 2600 Barton has a larger 512Kb L2 cache but it's clock speed is 1.97.....ish.

  dolphinaber 17:47 22 Jan 04

Thanks 961,
Actually a friend phoned me earlier on to say he has 3200 but is showing about 2.6 so felt he was being diddled. Thats why I checked mine. Nothing out of the ordinary then?

  Craigmave 17:48 22 Jan 04

Hi, i have an Athlon XP2600+ and it runs at 2.08 ghz if that is any help.

  ardvarc 17:49 22 Jan 04

Athlon XP 2600+: Thoroughbred, 256KB L2, 2133MHz, 266MHz FSB;

Athlon XP 2600+: Thoroughbred/Thorton, 256KB L2, 2083MHz, 333MHz FSB;

Athlon XP 2600+: Barton, 512KB L2, 1917MHz, 333MHz FSB.

  Chegs ® 17:53 22 Jan 04

AMD use "comparative" speed ratings,eg an XP2600 is actually 2.06,but works as fast as say an P4 with a 2.6Ghz clock speed.

Its confusing,as AMD used to use actual speed,eg Duron750 was 750Mhz clock speed,but they changed their designation over to "comparative" to keep up with their main rival Intel.

  JACC 19:41 22 Jan 04

anybody know where i can get an XP 2600+ 266mhz

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