Athlon 1300 200fsb why wont it work?

  The Rep 22:47 21 Jun 03

Hello all I am looking for some guidance

Ardvarc a fellow forum member kindly gave me an athlon 1300 200 fsb cpu heatsink and fan (A1300AMS3B)
My MoBo is Lex BN780Pro Rev 1.2. Before installing it, I visited the Lex support website click here which states that if my Bios is flashed to version 15 click here the board will support upto 1.4 ghz 200 fsb. So I duly flashed the bios (succesfully).
I installed the CPU and heatsink/fan with arctic silver.
However when I power up, the fans start but nothing else. Classic POST failure?
Core voltages are set to 1.75v and host/pci are set to default (8x100mhz with my 800mhz athlon)
I tried increasing the core voltages to 1.8v with no success. I also tried taking all PCI cards out, and removing a slave HDD to ensure power supply wasnt overloaded.
Have you any suggetions as to what may be the problem? Or is this just a hopeless cause?

Thanks in anticipation

  ardvarc 09:25 22 Jun 03

Hi Shep,

The 1300 CPU was running on a ECS 830lmr MoBo then a MSI MS-6378 MoBo at 200FSB both with a 300WATT PSU. They both had shared graphics and sound and 512Mgb PC133 RAM, 98SE. So it was running OK until I replaced CPU's and coolers and gave PC to one of my grandchildren. I cleaned the CPU, boxed it and put it in storage. I still have the ECS MoBo. Will get back to you. A nice thunderstorm is going on.

  The Rep 12:09 22 Jun 03

Oh Joy of Joys IT works!!

There was a pin missing from the CPU!
How could I have missed it!
A simple job of soldering( dont try this at home kiddies!!) a new one on and hey presto a nice new fully functional athlon!
Ardvarc you really are a star thankyou very much!

My son is now marvelling at 50 FPS on Omaha beach landing in MOHAA and 40 FPS in Somalia(DFBHD). Not bad for a three year old system... with a little help from its friends!

  ardvarc 16:31 22 Jun 03

The postal system must have been very heavy handed because it had enough protection. However I don't claim to be the best packer in the world but I know all the pins were intact as I had a gander over the whole CPU with a magnifying glass.

Pleased your son is happy. Good on yer for spotting the problem.

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