atheros wireless recognised but not picking up any signal

My wifes Toshiba laptop (vista) suddenly stopped picking up the wireless signal on our router. I have checked and updated the atheros driver and it now says there are no problems and everything is working correctly. But still there is no signal being received. What can i do now?

  mgmcc 08:35 AM 09 Sep 11

Is the router still broadcasting its SSID?

Does the Laptop find any wireless networks in the area?

If both are Yes, try deleting the profile for your own network and go through the procedure to Connect again, when you'll be prompted for the encryption key and, once connected, a new profile will be saved.

Yeah the router is running fine, everything in the house finds it. and searches with other devices find neighbours signals etc...there is just no recognition of any transmission to laptop although the driver says there are no problems

  tullie 19:06 PM 09 Sep 11

Is it ok wired?

It is fine wired, its a real head scratcher. If i click on "connect to" it shows no networks but the drivers are all installed and not reporting any faults....and the switch is flicked for wifi! Starting to think it may be a mechanical issue.....apart from the atheros driver should i be checking anything else?

  mgmcc 20:32 PM 09 Sep 11

It could be a hardware fault. A possible issue with Laptops is that the wireless adapter is in the base, but the aerial can be around the screen. This means that the cable between the two can break with the continual opening/closing of the lid over a period of time. If you have access to a USB WiFi adapter, it might be worth giving that a try.

  Ashrich 15:11 PM 11 Sep 11

Is the wireless adapter enabled in the provided Toshiba network software ( Config Free ) Is Configfree managing the adapter or is Vista ?


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