Atec DVD's any thoughts?

  michelleuk 22:30 19 Jan 03
  michelleuk 22:30 19 Jan 03


My DVD player is dying, it clicks all the time and takes ages to read. As I need it to do my CD copying I phoned my local small PC shop and they have recomended an Atec DVD 16x speed £38. I haven't heard of them, does anyone have one and if so any comments? Thank you

Take Care
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  Stuartli 23:01 19 Jan 03

It's probably a rebranded version of another manufacturer's produce but, in any case, at £38 it's a bit overpriced these days.

You can buy floppy drives from Sony etc for around £7 to £8, CD-ROM drives for £15 and DVD-ROM drives from £25 to £30.

This is Atec's website:

click here

but you'll need to use AltaVista's translation facility to read it...:-)

  rev.bem 23:08 19 Jan 03

michelle is that atec or artec?

  AMD 4 ever 23:09 19 Jan 03

I have never heard of them.
Got to agree with Stuartl the £38 is a little top heavy, mind you to take into account if they are local then this could be a good thing, as if you have any probs then you wont have delivery charges etc.

  michelleuk 18:25 20 Jan 03


The £38 includes fitting it, and sorry its artec! My error, I couldn't read my own handwriting, is 16 speed the norm these days? My small store is willing to order any brand I want and because I bought a lite-on CDRW I was going to buy the same in DVD.

The one I have at the moment is a pioneer (?sp) and it has only lasted 3 yrs, surely they should last longer than that. I will be using it to watch films and to use to play the CD my CDRW is copying.

What have you all got?

Take Care

  rev.bem 18:56 20 Jan 03

Michelle bought one from Ebuyer

click here

Humms a bit when it spins up but is whisper quiet
when you watch a DVD
at £35.21 in p&p probably not worth fitting it yourself.

  rickf 20:52 20 Jan 03

You mean Artec. I have their cdrw and its very reliable so far. No complains. The writer was not recognised by ecdc when I first bought it, so I emailed them in the USA and got a reassuring reply.

  rickf 20:53 20 Jan 03

Much much cheaper at comp fairs. I forgot to add. Generally about £32.

  michelleuk 00:38 21 Jan 03


What do you mean by "not recognised by ecdc"?


Thanks for the link, I may have to think about purchasing it myself and paying the £10 fitting as I daren't do that myself.

Is 16 x 48 the normal specifications these days? Should you buy a DVD of the same make as the CDRW. I mean I have a lite-on CDRW should I have the same name DVD player?

I have also heard the term region 2 what does this mean?

Thanks again
Take Care

  Cordy13 00:53 21 Jan 03

The world is split into Regions by Hollywood to protect their (intellectual) profits, UK is Region 2 North America is Region 1. Region coded DVDs will not work outside their region (unless you use a program like Region Killer etc.) using a region 1 disc in a region 2 player will normally lock the player to region 1 only after approx. 4 changes of region discs ie reg. 1, reg. 2 reg. 1 etc.

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