ATAPI Optical Drives

  riscuser 04 Oct 11

I run a programme entitled "Virtual Acorn RiscPC Adjust SA" and it checks the Windows 7 PC to see if there is an ATAPI compatible optical drive present, if one is not it will not run without my making changes to the programme to disable the optical drive part of its programme, which is annoying. When I purchased my present HP Pavilion PC in May 2010 I am sure that I was able to check and ascertain that the Drive was ATAPI. But now I am unable to find how I obtained this information from my computer. The reason for the question is that I am planning to purchase a new PC and need to be able to check for the above before I buy. When I ask in the retailers if the drive is ATAPI they look as if I am from another planet and have no idea or how to answer my question.

Help please.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 04 Oct 11

Just ask if the DVD drives are SATA or EIDE (parallel) Atapi controller is only used on the old EIDE drives most modern machines will now have SATA dvd drives

  riscuser 04 Oct 11

The DVD drive is connected with a SATA cable to the motherboard, but is compatible at the present with the programme I am using, and when the PC was new I know I was able to check this out! I did obtain a pc prior to the one I now have, with which the programme was not compatible and returned it as I had been advised that it was ATAPI, So I do not want to be caught out again. So how will I be able to check before I but a new PC, thanks.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 04 Oct 11

As above modern machines will have SATA dvd drive however most motherboards will have a IDE slot

you could connect an old drive to it.

  riscuser 10 Oct 11

I will close


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