Asus P5N-E-LI Motherboard and Memory Problems

  Larry Lamb 09:47 12 Jun 07

I purchased an Asus P5N-E-LI Motherboard and 2GB of Corsair DR2 XMS2 matched memory pair and an Intel 6000 duel core CPU, unfortunately after building the new computer and trying to install either Windows XP or Vista the computer kept crashing it does not get as far as installing Windows XP before it crashes, I got Windows Vista loaded after a number of attempts but it keeps crashing I see from the number of posts on the internet that this is a known problem with this motherboard. I took one stick of memory out and it runs much better but still occasionally crashes. Does anyone have a solution to this problem as I wish to install the other memory stick.

  I am Spartacus 10:32 12 Jun 07

You may need to upgrade the BIOS to at least version 0307 which 'Enhance compatibility with certion memory.'

BIOS version 0202 should support an E6600 on an P5N-E SLI

click here

  I am Spartacus 10:34 12 Jun 07

Sorry, link didn't work but if you select your mobo from the options at the top of the screen you should get to the correct BIOS options (and other downloads too).

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