Asus K8V-MX Bios Update

  KPC 19:59 27 Dec 06

We have a computer with the motherboard above and have never been able to update the bios using Asus Update utility. I have built other computers using Asus Boards and when there has been a bios update it has been very easy to update using this utility. Cannot understand why this board will not do it. i wouldnt bother otherwise but there has been a few updates to this boards bios and it needs an update. Any suggestions

  Stuartli 20:05 27 Dec 06

Unless the Bios update is essential there would seem to be no need to update it.

  KPC 20:08 27 Dec 06

0203 version is the bios on the board, version 210 is available.

  KPC 20:11 27 Dec 06

the thing is with asus boards it is a simple task and the update obviously addresses some earlier problems. if the task was complicated, i wouldnt go anywhere near bios update.

  Stuartli 20:18 27 Dec 06

The point is are you experiencing any of these problems?

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