Asus Caps Lock

  vassos 18:55 05 Apr 11

My Asus Eee PC has developed aan annoying fault. The Caps Lock has become totally random and will not respond to anything. In typing out a series of letters, they can be upper or lower case. Consequently I am unable to gain access to anything requiring a case sensitive password etc. This happened absolutely without warning and I feel I may have accidentally pressed some key which has created this monster. Ant ideas pls?

  northumbria61 19:54 05 Apr 11

I think one of your "Shift" keys is stuck - either physically or electrically. Simplest answer would be to replace the keyboard which is a fairly cheap option.

But try this first - Power down, unplug it, turn it upside down and bang it on the desk a few times to dislodge the accumulated crud from under the keys. Just remember to disinfect the desktop after. The average toilet seat is cleaner than most keyboards.

  vassos 20:54 05 Apr 11

Interesting process which I somewhat reluctantly carried out without any change in the problem. I have also removed a couple of the key pads and ascertained that the internal bits of the caps lock key are as they should be. It is now only printing lower case!!

  northumbria61 22:47 05 Apr 11

Look to see if their is a driver update for your keyboard - it may just make a difference.

  vassos 10:45 11 Apr 11

northunbria 61, I finally took your advice and bought a replacement keyboard from Amazon for around £21. Had to email a friend to sort out the release clips etc., but it is fine now. Many thanks.

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