asus a8v deluxe+WD serial HDD+how do i load XP?

  nundrey 13:04 22 Oct 04
Have built system with amd 64bit cpu
boots up..bios picking up everything.
cannot format serial hdd to load win xp prof.
no floppy drive used so booting up from cd rom.
temporarily have attached ata 6gig hdd and loaded win xp that way.
But i would like to have win xp on my 160gig Western digital HDD serial ata.
Any idea's mates!

  hillybilly 13:15 22 Oct 04

You need to have the SATA drivers on a cd, then when you start to load Win xp press F6 when it asks if you want to load third party or raid drivers. Then you take out the winxp disc and put the SATA driver disc in.

  Rayuk 14:49 22 Oct 04

Well if you load the SATA drivers onto the 6Gb drive with your WinXP insatal then use the manufacturers software to copy everything onto your new drive should be ok.

Not sure if you can load them from CD as Hillbilly says,unless you slipstream them onto a disk with your XP instal[which is another matter]

  hillybilly 16:11 22 Oct 04

Cannot swear to it, but I am sure you can swap cd disks in and out while installing.

  Rayuk 16:33 22 Oct 04

Yes but I think XP asks you to put in floppy disk to instal driver dont think it mentions cd.
A while since I last installed XP and my memory isnt all it was.

  brigtoo 19:09 22 Oct 04

just done a xp install with sata drives. sata drivers required on floppy,

  hillybilly 20:44 22 Oct 04

"just done a xp install with sata drives. sata drivers required on floppy, "

There you have it! My memory musy be worse then yours!

  temp003 08:08 23 Oct 04

Some BIOSes (but not many of them) for motherboards with SATA disk controllers have an option to treat the SATA as IDE legacy. If that option is available and selected, you won't need to F6 and insert a floppy for the SATA drivers when you fresh install XP to an SATA hdd.

I haven't checked, but I don't think the option is available on your motherboard.

Simplest solution is add a floppy drive to your build. I know a floppy drive is pretty useless these days for storage or data transfer, but it still has its moments, like installing XP or w2k on an SATA hdd or to a hdd on a PCI IDE adaptor, and troubleshooting things with a 98 boot floppy.

Otherwise, Rayuk's suggestion of copying everything from the IDE hdd to the SATA should work, but in the long run, you will still need the floppy drive for a repair or reinstall (and even to go into Recovery Console).

  nundrey 18:43 23 Oct 04


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