ASUS A7V133 Motherboard Upgrade

  Tom-261980 10:13 23 Mar 05

I have a Hi Grade Atlas Meridian Desktop PC which is just over 3 years old.

I am thinking of upgrading this machine and would like some advice.

It currently has a ASUS A7V133 Motherboard with a Via VT8363A Apollo KT133a chipset. It has an AMD Athlon " Thunderbird" - PECM 1000 MHz Processor. All original Equipment.

Can you tell me what would be the maximum Socket 462 Processor I could upgrade this motherboard? I have been told that the maximum is a 1200 Mhz which would hardly be worth the expense.

  georgemac © 11:22 23 Mar 05

there are 4 variants of a7v133 click here

I picked the fisrt one and the latest 1009 bios indicates that you can go up to an xp2100 (palamino)which runs at 1733 mhz which is 266 fsb with a multiplier of 13

check on your motherboard to see the exact model - it is usually stamped between the pci slots or beside the agp slot - if it is a later variant you may be able to go faster.

am xp-m mobile processor from ebay would probably be a good upgrade

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