Asus A7V 333 flash bios failed

  Pomorac 13:38 30 Jul 07

I did flashed my Asus A7V 333 motherboard bios.
Unfortunately computer get frozen and I switched off, since than no any sound or POST screen from computer.
I will not do this needed, please.

  TonyM 14:24 30 Jul 07

Did the BIOS update routine tell you to back up the old BIOS first ...if so you may be able to restore it. Did you use an update program supplied with the board ...can you then boot the machine from a floppy or CD with that program on it ?.............if not I suspect you have a dead motherboard.

I read somewhere that it is possible to replace the BIOS chip (if you can get one), but it is cheaper/quicker/easier to buy a new board.


  TonyM 14:26 30 Jul 07

..... you can try one other thing - look in your motherboard manual for instructions about resetting the CMOS settings - it normally just means moving a jumper setting to a couple of different pins and back again.....This might just put the BIOS back to the factory settings.

If not, my previous answer applies.

  Totally-braindead 14:36 30 Jul 07

I think TonyM has summed it up for me, I only ever recommend flashing the BIOS if theres a problem with the previous one IE to add support for a new processor or whatever. As you have found flashing the BIOS if it goes wrong can destroy the BIOS chip. I realise its no help to you but its something to bare in mind for future reference. Theres no advantage to flashing the BIOS otherwise.

  Probabilitydrive 14:55 30 Jul 07

When I started discovering the install/uninstall features on my system I assumes everything is just as easy. Coming across "flashing the BIOS" I thought it works the same way.

Fortunately I found out in time that this is a different kettle of fish altogether.

"when a BIOS flash fails, the only typical remedy is to physically replace the chip on the motherboard in which the BIOS is stored with one containing a working BIOS for that motherboard. That probably means going back to the manufacturer of your computer or its motherboard.
Extract from:

click here

  Pomorac 15:39 30 Jul 07

Just look to manual but there is no CMOS reset "pins" CLR_RTC correct one?

  Strawballs 23:39 30 Jul 07
  I am Spartacus 00:36 31 Jul 07

How old is the Motherboard? The most recent ASUS ones have a EZ recovery facility. Just boot up with the ASUS CD in the drive and recover from there.

  Ashrich 22:40 07 Aug 07

Here is a good reason , if you are building a PC yourself , to buy a Motherboard with a dual bios , like the Gigabyte boards , if you mess a flash up , you can boot into the reserve bios and still have a working machine .


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