Zeppelyn 22:28 30 May 05

Does anyone know of any issues with this MB and PCI IDE cards. I'm trying to to get some use out of 2 spare HDD's I acquired. 1 card is a Promise Ultra TX2 Ultra ATA 133 and other is Innovision EIO DM8401. Installed both as per manual, loaded drivers the attached drives. All is well as the cards BIOS recognises drives and starts to load XP Pro which stops at splash screen and gets no further. If I unattach drives XP loads fine.

Googled this i one post I saw mentioned it might be a problem with Award BIOS but others say tney had no problems with this board

Any advice would be much appreciated.

  sicknote 22:50 30 May 05

Have you tried just one card installed and connecting just your winxp drive to it to see it works Ok
I am using the promise card with no problems

  Zeppelyn 22:54 30 May 05

you mean my main HD with OS ? No I have'nt but I dont think the card is the problem as its BIOS recognises both drives when attached and reports correct capacity etc.

  sicknote 23:01 30 May 05

Yes you main H/D with OS .then if that works OK attach the other items one at a time to See what stops the OS working

  Zeppelyn 10:49 31 May 05

Although I have 2 cards, I've only tried them separately. Have attached main HD to Promise card which was recognised by Promise BIOS but although I changed main boot sequence to SCSI Win XP still hangs on splash screen and does not load.

  sicknote 15:15 31 May 05

I don't think you need to boot by scsi,leave boot system as normal,cd,H/D,etc

  Micro-Man 15:44 31 May 05

Whilst this may be a red herring, I have found some pci cards need low irq numbers and so need to be in the pci1 or pci2 slots and not the last vacant slot (eg the pci4 or pci5 slots) which can cause conflicts etc.

  Zeppelyn 09:51 01 Jun 05

I'll try your recommendation later, currently in slot 5 as I read somewhere that further away from graphics card the better but sure I have tried slots 1 and 2 before.

  Micro-Man 10:32 01 Jun 05 I read somewhere that further away from graphics card the better...

Probably as high IRQ numbers assigned here are not so frequently used by legacy cards.

  selfbuild 11:00 01 Jun 05

Don't use PCI 1 (the one next to the AGP slot) as it shares it's IRQ with the AGP and will lead to allsorts of problems.

  Wilham 15:01 01 Jun 05

I also haven't yet managed to run an EIO DM-8401 card.

On upper face is engraved "EIO ATA133 RAID (DM-8401 VER.A)"

On bottom face is a barcode paper sticker "DM-6401H(Non-RAID)"

I'm working on it...

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