Asus a7n8x and memory clash

  subaru 17:18 28 Jul 07

We've been trying all afternnoon, setting a new PC up, to get an Asus a7n8x deluxe to recognise 2 gigabyte sticks of 2700 ddram memory. It won't look at either or both, and we've spent hours researching the whole non-ECC thing. These are non-ECC sticks, which is what is recomended for the board. It will happily run on any smaller sticks that we've tried.
The chip is an Athlon 2500 over-clocked to 3200.

  brundle 17:25 28 Jul 07

Drop the chip back to factory settings, if the FSB has been pushed too high PC2700 won't be able to keep up.

  skidzy 17:26 28 Jul 07

Im afraid it looks like a simple fact of non-compatible ram.

Put your details into Crucial for the correct here

Remember not all ram works with all motherboards.

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