Asus A7N8X DL (Rev 1.??) Ram Problems

  big kev 10:26 24 Dec 03

I have the Asus A7N8X DL (Rev 1.??, latest bios), Qtec 550w psu, Sapphire 9800 np softmodded to pro, WD 80g + 120g Special Caviar, Toshiba 5012 DVDR, Liteon CDRW, Win XP Pro SP1.

I had 2 x 512mb Twinmoss PC3200 ram in the machine for 9 months, then one stick went bad, so I had it RMA'd. But once I put the replacement stick in my machine, I had major instability errors, with the pc/application crashing regularly. Some people have blamed the psu, but this worked fine for months and it can't be a coincidence that this dies on me at that exact moment, can it?

I did a 2.5 hour Memtest with both sticks of ram in and got an error saying my ram needs replacing.

I repeated the Memtest twice more, one stick at a time and got no errors after 2.5 hours for each test.

One stick has Twinmoss chips, the other M.tec, could this be causing a problem??

I'm going to try to replace these with the Twinmoss dual channel kit or would Kingston/Corsair/OCZ be a better option now??

  Jester2K 12:07 24 Dec 03

Some times unmatched sticks don't like each other.

The fact that they work singly indicates this too..

Go for a matched pair of a reputable brand as you suggest...

  jazz2k4 00:14 28 Dec 03

Please note that the Asus A7n8x deluxe board love
the cosair ram and that [ fsb 333mhz ]

  big kev 00:36 28 Dec 03

No way of getting any ram to run at 400mhz then?

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