whizza 23:38 17 Feb 03

k i just built a new system with this mobo and i have a few questions

1 when i boot i get a picture of my mobo and i get a message press tab to see post how i get rid of this picture???

2 i get a second bios it says something about a raid????

3 in network places i got like 4 network cards
ieee 1394 ,nvidia lan,3com lan +other wot r these??? and r they suppose to be there???

4 the audio and 2 usb ports built on to the mobo do not fit into my case they r the wrong way i have tried 3 diff cases but all of them r the wrong shape

5 i got a soundblaster live 5.1 do i use that or should i use the onboard sound ?? and how do i disable the onbaord sound?? i had a look in bios but could not find it

  powerless 23:42 17 Feb 03

1) To get rid of the picture go into the BIOS there will be an option somewhere in there.

Dont know about the others.

  whizza 23:46 17 Feb 03

any ideas wot part of the bios its under?? had a quick look but couldnt find it

  powerless 23:52 17 Feb 03

Have a look in the BOOT section.

"Full Screen Logo"

  Hunte® 23:56 17 Feb 03

I'll have a look at a manual later, but usually its under boot in the bios. (disable full screen logo)

As for our other questions.

2, Yes. Thats onboard Serial ATA controller Bios (it functions as a raid controller)
3. Yes again probably. 1394 is the firewire controller being detected (winXP can do firewire raid) The other controllers are going to be onboard and possiblly add-in Lan controllers.
4. The mainboard should of come with another IO sheild specially shaped for the board. Take the one in your case out and replace it woth this.
5. The choice is yours but the sound chip built into the NForce chipset is very good. Again i'll have to check a manual for how to disable. It maybe a jumper on the mainboard again.

  whizza 00:05 18 Feb 03

thx that helps alot

  whizza 00:10 18 Feb 03

i have the plate that matches the shape of my mobo do i pull the plate out that is on my case??

  Kudu 00:17 18 Feb 03

1. You can turn it off in the bios

2. No raid on mine

3. I have only 2.Nvidia Lan(page 1-5 item 22)
1394 net adaptor (page 1-5 item 18)

4. I bought a new case & they fit no prob.

5. I think sound ok.Audio controllers in Integrated Peripherals.

  clayton 00:53 18 Feb 03

Pull the plate thats in your case & fit the one that came with the motherboard,i have a soundblaster audigy but i use the onboard sound its very good, also theres a jumper on the mobo to turn off the raid.

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