ASUS A7N8X Deluxe. Bios flashing advice wanted.

  Derek 17:08 24 Aug 04

Had the MB about 10 months and it's a rev 2.0. The bios is Ver 1003.
Read all the "How To's" both from the Asus site and the handbook and it's frightened me a bit (a lot). Apart from that, I find that it's very hard to follow.( No turn left as the 2nd crossroads etc)

Reasoning... Built the PC nearly a year ago with an ASUS A7N8X Deluxe together with XP Pro,512 DDR,80 Gb HD,Radeon 9800 SE,CD Rom and CD RW etc. And it all works why fix it ?

I decided to uprate the Athlon to a 2500+ Barton just recently and through these pages was informed that I ought to update the Bios. I note that I can install (download) ver 1012. This I should do if I want to get the best out of the 2500+ by O/clocking.

I've now built another (spare) machine using an ASUS A7N8X-X, this MB is slightly down market from the other but near identical. The revision is 2.0 and Bios is 1009. I've built this second PC with practically the same spec as the other PC but used a rather slower Athlon.

It's my intention to 'link' these two PC's and use the 'spare' one for photography.

So help is required from you boffins. How on earth can I upgrade the Bios without it hurting and in a language that's understandable by rather old folks ? Kindest regards Derek Miles.

  Derek 07:06 28 Aug 04

Ok now

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