Asrock K7Nf2-Raid Mobo

  RobCharles1981 19:46 01 Feb 07

I'm using this Mobo with the Athlon XP 2400 CPU at the moment it's not reading its actual speed which is at 1800+ 1.50 what is the correct cpu frequency for this Mobo and Cpu? If I set this at 200 it will not post and I have to clear the Cmos to get things going again.

Anyone know??

  ed-0 20:43 01 Feb 07

Do you know which model of a 2400+ it is?

Because most run at 133Mhz ( the motherboard doubles this to 266Mhz ). Unless they are semprons.

It then runs at 133Mhz X 15. Giving you a clock speed of 2000Mhz.

  RobCharles1981 20:50 01 Feb 07

I'm pritty sure its the 333fsb version If I remember correctly.

  ed-0 20:57 01 Feb 07

See what you are doing, now.

the cpu is showing up as a 1800+ and a clock speed of 1.5Ghz.

So you have the motherboard running at the default frequency of just 100Mhz. Because the cpu has an in-built multiplier of 15, this coupled with the base fsb of 100Mhz is underclocking the cpu to just 1500Mhz or a 1800+ AMD.

If the cpu HAS been running at the correct clock speed, you just need to change the fsb to 133Mhz. Save settings and exit.

Then check the speed.

If the cpu has NOT ran at the correct speed. You need to alter the jumper settings on the motherboard ( SEL-0 and SEL-1 ) to the 133Mhz frequency.

if you need to alter the jumpers, post back for detailed instructions.

  ed-0 21:01 01 Feb 07

"I'm pritty sure its the 333fsb version If I remember correctly."

try it as above. I am absolutley certain it is the 133Mhz / 266Mhz model cpu. Because of the mathmatics, it is impossible to be a 166Mhz / 333Mhz cpu.

The clue is the multiplier. They has never been an XP cpu that has ran at 166Mhz X 15. This would give a clock speed of 2.490Ghz.

AMD have never released a cpu with those specifications.

  RobCharles1981 22:07 01 Feb 07

Hi Ed it was the 266 Spec after all now I'm seeing the 2400 in System Properties

Thanks for you help


  ed-0 22:21 01 Feb 07

Glad we go it sorted;-)

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