Aspire One

  poncho 19:01 25 Aug 08

I have just bought an Acer Aspire one installed with linux lite operating system does anyone know if the microphone works with the webcam as the recordings have no sound. Also do I have to install a fire wall and antivirus software.

  DJ Techz 20:09 25 Aug 08

I dont know anything about Linux (except for its free) but do you need sound drivers for the sound card and microphone

  poncho 20:38 25 Aug 08

I have sound on the computer but when I use the webcam to record it does not have sound when I replay

  LastChip 21:40 25 Aug 08

Not really. Many of us Linux users never use it. It's not really necessary, but if you want some, ClamAV does a good job.

As far as your sound goes, almost certainly, Acer would have configured the computer to work "out of the box." I'm not familiar with that machine, but are you sure the microphone is turned on? Either via software (probably a sound mixer) or maybe a button or switch on the machine itself.

Whether you need a firewall or not, depends on how you are going to use the machine to connect to the Internet.

  poncho 22:07 25 Aug 08

I have checked all software settings and there is no manual switch so I imagine I have bought a faulty computer which I will return tomorrow. I am connected to a wireless router which acts as a firewall. I will take your advice and use ClamAV when I have replaced the computer. Thanks for the advice LastChip.

  LastChip 22:54 25 Aug 08

click here

It seems there are a number of reports of this problem and in one case, a chap bought an external microphone (or headset I guess).

Your computer may not be faulty. It may just be a poor implementation on Acer's part.

  poncho 15:59 26 Aug 08

Hi LastChip I guess you must be right about acer, I rang their support line and they told me to download the latest updates to fix the problem, It did not work I rang them back and was told to ring the Tech helpline which is a premium rate no. I decided to take the laptop back to Curry's they replaced it with a new one and the problem is the same. I followed your link and connected an outside mic. that does not work either so I am about to email Acer with the problem to see if they are going to admit there is a problem with this model.


  stef456 11:21 07 Sep 08

I have the same sound on my webcam recordings. I can't find out whether all of these models have this problem or I've got a faulty one!

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