Aspire 5630 laptop will not boot

  GlennCarey 07:55 30 Apr 10

I have an Aspire 5630 laptop (3years old) that will not boot, this is what happens. Power comes on, fan starts 3~10 seconds then nothing, power lights stay on no disk activity no display. I have checked with an external display no change, I have removed the hard drive and recovered the data so the disk I think is OK. can anyone help.

  birdface 08:16 30 Apr 10

Maybe try it without the battery.

  Al94 08:17 30 Apr 10

1. remove battery and AC adapter from laptop
2. press power ON button for at least 30 secs.
3. release button and attach battery/AC adapter
4. power ON as normal
Try it, sometimes works. It could be a corrupt BIOS

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