aspire 5315 wont power up after flashing bios

  disasterdave 17:17 30 Oct 09

help! after being told by my local pc shop to flash the bios, the laptop no longer powers up,
is there a way to clear the settings, as i understand you can change the jumper settings on the motherboard, any help gratefully recieved.


  GaT7 17:48 30 Oct 09

Was the BIOS update successful? If yes, & you can get into the BIOS at the very least, load 'default values' & reboot. G

  disasterdave 17:59 30 Oct 09

the bios wasn't successfuly , there was an error verifying it then it shut down

  GaT7 18:02 30 Oct 09

In that case, the only way to get it working again is to get a correctly reflashed BIOS chip & replace the faulty one with that.

What's the make & model of your laptop?

Hopefully it's one that can be replaced in this way & they are available to buy. G

  disasterdave 18:06 30 Oct 09

acer aspire 5315

  GaT7 18:50 30 Oct 09

Sorry, you did mention it in your title.

Your best (& cheapest) bet would be to get a replacement BIOS chip from click here (or from any other site you can find) for just under £15. The one you need lies 4th in the 2nd column. Before buying, it would be best to make a few queries with them to be certain of getting the correct one. Provide all info about the laptop & markings/codes on the BIOS chip itself. You will need to dismantle the laptop & expose the motherboard to find out the BIOS chip info. All the best with it.

The other options are getting a replacement motherboard or laptop, both of which are going to be considerably more. G

  disasterdave 19:40 30 Oct 09

thanks for your help

  woodchip 20:53 30 Oct 09

Try removing the Clear CMOS jumper, As on some BIOS it reverts back to OLD BIOS

  mooly 07:30 31 Oct 09

Many Acer's have a way of BIOS recovery accessed by pressing FN plus ESC and pressing power button (while on AC) but you need a special "crisis" disc that is put onto USB to load it.

I don't know how or what that is...
"Quote" it is prepared in WinXP when BIOS V1.00 is released.

That's from an Aspire 9300 manual.

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