ASP File

  Ex plorer 16:28 15 Dec 08

ASP File appears when I want to type into Tesco search bar looking for groceries, is there any thing I can do to stop this. I am using FireFox but this dose not accrue when using IE. OS Vista

  skidzy 16:37 15 Dec 08

Have you got Javascript unticked in Firefox ?
If so try ticking the box/ok and try your site again.

  Ex plorer 16:43 15 Dec 08

Its ticked,

This is the exact mesage I get

You have chosen to open a Content.asp
which is a ASP File
from click here
would you like to save this file.

  skidzy 16:45 15 Dec 08

Forgive me if ive misunderstood but for the life of me i cannot see a search bar on the link you have given.

  skidzy 16:53 15 Dec 08

I can get a searchbar from another page such as click here

A bit of reading click here im a little lost at the moment myself as i cannot recreate the problem.

At the moment im thinking of a Firefox setting needs changing ?

  Ex plorer 16:54 15 Dec 08

Ha no you wont, I buy all my groceries on line from Tesco and I copied tesco address and its made it into a link unintentionally, my apologies as it has no bearing on the problem, only the mesage I getis the problem.

  Ex plorer 17:03 15 Dec 08

click here
its just a problem with tesco I only clicked the linked to go to Tesc and its throwen up the above.

  skidzy 17:04 15 Dec 08

here is a PDF file that may have some bearing on your message click here

I am guessing but it maybe a system Tesco have introduced ,someone with more knowledge on this may help more.

What version of Firefox are you using,as i think its a Firefox issue or possibly Tescos and Firefox issue.

  Ex plorer 17:10 15 Dec 08

Version 3.04

  skidzy 17:19 15 Dec 08

Version is upto date so thats ok.

Ive gone through the Firefox settings here and i cannot re-create the problem,so im guessing its an issue on your pc or Firefox setting somewhere.

Just a thought,try clearing your cache;

Close Firefox and run ccleaner and delete all it finds click here

  Ex plorer 10:10 16 Dec 08

Hi skidzy ran cc cleaner and shifted some junk I see its a problem with other net buyers at Tesco so I will have to revert to IE to shop there for now, I will continue to try and find a fix and and get back, any other advice is always welcome.

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