Asked to logon as Administrator - but I already am

  Pineman100 17:13 23 Feb 09

I've been trying to disable a couple of Startup items in msconfig. When I'd unticked them, I clicked Apply and OK.

I then received a message telling me that "An ACCESS DENIED error was returned...". It tolf me that, in order to carry out this task, I needed to log on as an Administrator.

I'm the only user of my computer, and my User Account definitely has me as Administrator.

Any idea what's going on, please?

  rawprawn 17:16 23 Feb 09

What OS?

  Pineman100 17:21 23 Feb 09


  rawprawn 17:30 23 Feb 09

Does this help
click here

  rawprawn 17:35 23 Feb 09

Sorry Pineman 100 that's for folders.

  rawprawn 17:40 23 Feb 09

I think this is worth a look
click here

  cocteau48 17:50 23 Feb 09

Sorry if it sounds like chickening out but I have a healthy respect for tinkering with msconfig - and how it can screw your system if you get it wrong.
If msconfig tells me "Access Denied"then I just leave well alone.
If I want to tinker with my start programs then I'll use a third party program like Winpatrol or Startup Inspector both of which will allow you to just disable,rather than remove,startup entries.

  Sea Urchin 18:12 23 Feb 09

You could try using CCleaner/Tools/StartUp instead

  Pineman100 14:48 24 Feb 09

rawprawn - thank you, but I tend to subscribe to cocteau48's cautious approach to tinkering with anything down in the bowels of Windows! I don't feel sufficiently expert/confident to poke about down there.

cocteau48 - good advice, thank you. I've got WinPatrol on my computer already.

Sea Urchin - ditto, thank you.

  rawprawn 15:04 24 Feb 09

No worries, glad you are sorted.

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