Ashampoo not working

  Joe G 17:19 14 Feb 09

Hi all - my first post here

I've just installed the above programme which came with the latest PC Advisor magazine.

It seemed to install ok but won't open - any ideas? I've emailed the company but thought I may get a quicker and more helpful response here!

I'm running Vista Home Premium and have MS Net Framework 3.5 installed on a Toshiba Laptop

I've read elsewhere here that this software is a bit of a waste of time so I'd welocme views on that too!

Thanks in anticiation of any help given

Joe G

  User-1229748 17:25 14 Feb 09

which ashampoo program is it joe g ?

  Joe G 17:30 14 Feb 09

Doh! Sorry - forgot to say it is Ashampoo Power Up 2009

  Joe G 17:40 14 Feb 09

45 mins after I clicked it seems to have started working! Maybe there was a problem connecting to the site?

Still be interested to know whether the programme is worth having for someone who doesn't want to get too deep into Vista

I'm hoping it may help tidy up Vista and improve boot up times. My Vista installation seems to be constantly eating hard disc space.. I've cut down the number of restore points but I was wondering if this software would help address this problem further?

  User-1229748 17:42 14 Feb 09

personally i think any performance gain would be minimal and i usually adhere to "if it ain't broke,don't fix it.having said that i do use ccleaner every now and then just as a clean up tool as i've always found it to clean safely.also whenever i install or uninstall anything i always go for the old fashioned reboot before using the new app.hope it helps.ccleanerclick here

  User-1229748 17:44 14 Feb 09

what anti virus and firewall are you using as some can slow down many pc's ?

  Joe G 17:48 14 Feb 09

Thanks - yes I've found CCleaner useful and also WindirStat which revealed that system restore was backing up a 5Gb game that I had unistalled! Adivce on the reboot before using a new app is appreciated that is something I wasn't aware I should do and will follow in future

Appreciate the quick and helpful reply

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