Ashampoo Magical Defrag... 14:55 14 Jan 07

Anyone ever used it? Any comments or criticisms?


  birdface 15:03 14 Jan 07

Not tried it ,But if you can get better than this one click here a full defrag on mine in about 4 minutes, 15:06 14 Jan 07

I only asked because it was on the PC Advisor DVD. I normally stick with the XP one ut this just caught my attention.

I notice quite a few people use the one you suggested though.

  Stuartli 15:08 14 Jan 07

I also use buteman's suggestion - it's about four times faster than XP's equivalent. 15:12 14 Jan 07

to me. I do most maintenance tasks when I'm not on the PC.

But Magical Defrag apparently does it in the background so you don't have to run it at all.

Thanks anyway, I'll give it a look.

  Enoch 15:12 14 Jan 07

Ashampoo products have always been good as far as I am concerned. I also have downloaded them from the PCAdvisor disc

  birdface 15:13 14 Jan 07

Just ran it again, I dont have a lot on my computer, But done the full defrag in 3.5 minutes,I think this one is supposed to replace the existing one.

  Stuartli 15:14 14 Jan 07

So does IOBit...:-)

  Taurus 15:32 14 Jan 07

I have been using Ashampoo Magic Defrag on both my computers for several months and it is great, install and forget it. It works when the machine is idle and stops when you start working. It uses very little processesor and I have not had to manually defrag since installing it. I would recomend it unreservedly.

  rawprawn 16:19 14 Jan 07

I agree with Taurus, I installed it from the PCA DVD and I think it is great.I shall stay with it.I did try the Iobit one, but I had problems and I uninstalled it (In fairness I can't say that it was the real cause of the problems) 16:27 14 Jan 07

for the response. I'll give it a try.

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