speed test-Anyone who uses this test

  dagwoood 18:48 09 May 04

I regularly run a speed test on this site and I always get bandwidth results between 238kb/s and 240kb/s(I have a connection rated at 256kb/s).

Since yesterday my results are all over the place(i.e.from just over 200kb/s up to 270kb/s).

Has anyone who uses this speed test often been getting unusual results as well. I'd like to know if it's just me or it's a problem with's site.

I've rebooted my modem and changed how I connect to my modem(i.e.used different LAN port and tried a USB adaptor)to eliminate if it's a problem with how I connect to my modem but I still get these unusual results.

According to my ISP's website there are no service issues in my area.

Any feedback would be very welcome, dagwoood.

  expertec 18:51 09 May 04

Your ISP is Blueyonder?

Could you post a link to the site with the speed test?

  Djohn 19:12 09 May 04

Left-hand pane, fourth box down. click here

  dagwoood 19:13 09 May 04

Heres the link for the test

click here

Cheers, dagwoood.

  mgmcc 19:13 09 May 04


<< Could you post a link to the site with the speed test? >>

click here


The results yesterday (Saturday) were strange. I have Blueyonder 512kbps which, for about a week, has been giving about 720kbps, indicating that I have had the 50% speed increase activated. Checks yesterday with were showing it was down about to around 400kbps. Downloading Norton AV definitions showed a speed of around 90kBps (equivalent to 720kbps), so the test figures were nonsense.

  dagwoood 19:14 09 May 04

Sorry, yes expertec, my ISP is blueyonder.

  Simon_P 21:22 09 May 04

Will almost defiantly vary depending on how busy the test server is regardless of your current connection speed.
However I have found that ASDL guide is usually consistent with my connection speed.

  dagwoood 21:41 09 May 04

Simon7063, I understand that you can get different results due to how busy a site is, it's just that I've always found that my results from this site are always consistent(as you've found). I've never had the results I'm getting now.

That's what lead me to try different connections to my modem, as my first thoughts were is it a problem with my equipment/drivers. I've even done a system restore to see if that corrected it. No change.

It's not just the speed test results that concern me. It seems like when I visit other sites, I'm getting pauses when pages are downloading, when I don't normally have this occur.

Maybe I'm just reading too much into these things but I started this thread to see if other forum members were getting spurious results from the so as to rule out it's a problem at my end.

Cheers, dagwoood.

  Djohn 21:59 09 May 04

I've done the test several times today as a check for you and I'm getting exactly the same results as I normally get. 474-478. So I don't think there is a problem with the site. Sorry. :o(

  dagwoood 22:13 09 May 04

Djohn, thanks for doing that for me.

It's not looking too good then.


  Dipso 22:18 09 May 04

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